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    Missing capture dates after Migration to Lightroom CC

    musicfan145 Level 1

      Yesterday, I upgraded my catalog from Lightroom 4.4 to Lightroom Classic (7.1), then migrated the catalog to Lightroom CC (1.1) overnight. Out of 50,000 images, I have about 2,500 that are listed in Lightroom CC with no capture date. I went back and opened LR Classic, and many of these images do have a capture date in the Classic catalog. (The validation log file only showed 187 images with conflicting metadata.) I suspect that many of these images are ones that were captured on one device and then sent & saved to another device (photos downloaded from an online site to a phone, mobile photos sent from another person, etc.) so there may be inconsistencies in the capture time. However, I would really like to have some kind of capture date (even if it's the date it was saved, scanned, or edited) in the CC catalog. Is there a way to force Lightroom CC to read the capture date in Classic after the catalog has been migrated?