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    Bullets and Dashes - Word Import

      I am using RoboHelp 7.00.145 and I am importing Word Documents which have custom colored bullets and dashes. The bullets have been customized to be red in Word with the text that follows displayed as gray. When I import to RoboHelp, the bullet changes to black, the text does remain gray. My first question is how can I get RoboHelp to import these bullets with the color I set in Word?
      Also, I have used dashes (-) throughout the documents. When I upload to RoboHelp they change to display as '&endash;'. I have deselected the option 'Auto-create styles from inline formatting' on the Import Word Doc Wizard: Conversion Options window. When I do this the dashes (-) initially dispaly accuratley, though then it seems as soon as I make any change to the doc in RoboHelp it changes the dashes back to '&endash;'. Any ideas what's going on?

      Thank you!