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    Loading modules from modules

    cputnam14 Level 1
      I'm not even sure if this can be done.

      I have a flex app that loads 2 modules.
      <mx:ModuleLoader id ="MLoptions" x="200" y="0" url="modules/myoptions.swf"/>
      <mx:ModuleLoader id="MLgraphs" x="0" y="0" url="modules/mypiechart.swf" />

      My second module "MLgraphs" loads a pie chart. What I want to happen is when the user clicks the pie piece the "MLgraphs" url changes to modules/mybargraph.swf. Basically, when the user clicks the pie piece...the pie chart is replaced with a bar graph.

      All of my modules work correctly, but I am unsure how to tell FLEX to unload a module and load a different one from the module that is going to be unloaded.

      I hope that makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated.