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    Corrupt .lrcat


      Product: Lightroom Classic CC (LR7.1)

      OS:     Windows 10 Pro, 10.0.16299

      RAM: 32 Gb

      CPU: AMD FX-8370, 8-core, 4000 MHz

      Video: ATI Radeon RX 470


      I recently upgraded to the latest Lightroom Classic CC and processed some new photos.  All seemed well.  When exiting LR, I allowed the software to make the backup.


      Today, when trying to enter Lightroom to edit a particular photo, I received the following error notice:

      After choosing the Repair Catalog, I receive the following error notice:


      I have plenty of disk space; on the particular volume for my photos, only 138 Gb are used of 509 Gb.


      I renamed the .lrcat file, then copied the backup .lrcat from the .zip archive to the default directory location where Lightroom expects to find it.  Restarted Lightroom, and receive the same errors.


      Any help?