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    Lightroom Sees One Folder on Server Multiple Times


      We store all of our photography files on a server and point the Lightroom catalog at it. The problem is that SOMETIMES when I'm uploading to the server it will see the same server as DIFFERENT drives.


      Here's a screenshot to show you how our Share drive pops up multiple times in the catalog even though it is only ONE drive. How do I condense these so that Lightroom sees it as the single server it is?
      Lightroom Catalog Issue - Share.png

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Please state the version NUMBER of your Lightroom. (We need the number and not words like "latest" or "up-to-date")


          Please state the version of your operating system.


          Please state the type of server/network you are using.


          See if this helps: Folders panel displays same hard drive twice

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            nowheremanphotos Level 1

            Hey, @dj_paige… thanks for the response.


            This is a continuing issue for us over multiple versions of Lightroom dating back before the Lightroom / Lightroom Classic split. I'm currently using the 7.3 release.


            I'm using an iMac running OS 10.12.6


            I'm unclear on the type of server/network we are using but attempting to find out from our IT department.


            That solution I don't think will work as this is an on-going issue that seems to happen seemingly randomly (I assume it's not random but I haven't figured out the pattern!). It's not feasible to move things around and create copies just to get Lightroom to read a drive as ONE drive instead of multiple drives with the same name. Is there an easier way that isn't just a work-around hack solution? It'd be okay if it were something I would do once and forget it, but not to do every time this happens… because it happens once a week. Sometimes I'm able to disconnect the server and reconnect and then find and merge the drives, but it's rare that I'm able to merge them down to one single drive.

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There is an annoying bug in Mac OS X where it will make duplicate entries for the same network drive and you might end up with lots of copies of the same volume. You can see them all in the /Volumes system directory. It usually resolves itself after rebooting and it seems that more recent versions of Mac OS X have done away with that problem (I haven't seen it in a while). It's incredibly annoying.