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    Date & Time only shows when using "Document WIll Print" ,but I need the Fields (Date & TIme) to return to a blank or null state so I don't get the save prompt

    JohnnyBQue Level 1

      I'm using the "document will print" action to generate a date & time when the document gets printed. What I'm trying to do after wards using the "document did print" action is return the date & time fields back to an empty state so I don't have to save when closing the PDF.


      I was heading n this direction...I was just trying to get the date to disappear after printing which I did by placing the following in the "document did print" action box


      this.getField("Time").value = ""

      this.getField("Date").value = ""


      BUT i still get the prompt to save the file afterwards...I guess there's no way around this without disabling the save prompt?