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    Script Error after making changes

      First, I am not a website designer. I own a website and have been making minor (text) changes using Contribute since I didn't need to know html. I started a couple of years ago just using the trial and never had any problems with it, but about a month ago bought it...CS3.

      After sitting down and making some changes, I published and then got:
      Script Error
      Line: 17
      Char: 1
      Error: Object required
      Code: 0
      URL; http://www.dirty-dog.com/contact/

      I've looked at the source code, found line 17, but have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I think this is an easy fix, right? Can someone explain in "plain english" what I need to do?

      Also, one day I somehow fixed it...just by moving stuff around on the page. I also made some changes to other pages, thought they were published (looked at all of them), but when I went back yesterday, all the changes were gone?!? How is that possible??? I'm going to try to paste the code here....