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    Reinstalling PS CS5 (upgrade from CS4 serial) - where to download?

    Falrinth Level 1

      The whole Adobe site is an unintuitive maze to put it lightly.


      Im about to do format and clean install. While i have adobe CC sub with Animate, i dont need CC expensive Photoshop for my work. SO im sticking with my old PS CS5. Now the question is: How do i reinstall it?


      Do i need to install my CS4 and then use the CS5 upgrade installator (if i find it on the Adobe site) or can i install CS5 right away and use the CS4-to-CS5 upgrade serial?


      And again: Where do i find any installators? Only thing i have right now is my CS4 DVD, and on 2nd thought cant use it either, cause my DVD drvie is long time removed from my PC.