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    Missing options under "Preferences" "Convert to PDF"


      Hi there guys and gals,


      I've searched the forum and online for about the past 3 hours for this solution and haven't seen it yet, so looking for some help.  Using the following:


      Adobe Acrobat DC Standard (2015 Release)

      Microsoft Office 2016


      Both are fresh installs/repairs


      I am using a plug-in called AutoPortfolio that makes a portfolio pdf in batch from an Outlook PST file.  However, none of the Word or Excel files will convert in batch to pdf.  I have an Adobe tab on Word and Excel and can make pdfs from within those two programs, and I can make Word documents from pdf documents within Adobe.  However, under "Preferences" "Convert to PDF", the options for Word and Excel are missing.  Also, if I go under "File" to "Create" to "Create PDF from File", it does not list Word or Excel files as compatible files.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!