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    Now Photoshop won't even attempt to print?

    Mobius Strip Level 2

      Hi all.


      Photoshop (CC 2018, Mac) now doesn't even attempt to send data to the printer.


      You pull up the print dialog, and the first problem is that the paper size may very well be wrong. Last time I printed it was to a 4x6, and now (regardless of the document) the default document size is 4x6... and it ignores changes to the paper size.  You can select letter-size in the print settings, but the preview still shows 4x6 unless you toggle the orientation.  Then it magically updates.  So that's one bug.


      Then you press Print... and nothing happens.  It doesn't even launch the OS's printer functionality.  This happens regardless of printer chosen, or document.  I have rebooted, and all other apps print fine to the same printer.  Preview prints the same file to the same printer without a problem.


      Is this a known defect introduced with a recent update or something?