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    A  Video "Short" Presentation

      When I browse (Firefox 2.0, XP2) to http://www.brantfordweather.ca/ the video loads as usual. However, it occupies only 25% of the space it normally should. This resultant information is too small to be read. Can somebody help me diagnose and rectify this problem. Thanks!
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          Noelbaland Level 1

          If you open the HTML page and go down to the <object> and <param> tags that load the SWF file you'll see the width and height properties are set to 100%. If you know the SWF file's actual width and height, change the width/height values to those and it should look bigger.
          However, this is not the best way to go about resizing the Flash file. You need to go back into Flash and publish the file again with the exact width and height sizes. Not at 100%.

          Hope that helps