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    Photography image album


      Hi all


      I'm a photographer using Muse to build and maintain my website.

      I'm looking to create a customer gallery page on my site where customers can visit and view their images in albums. However, I'd like customers to be able to download them from the galleries.  I've tried an iframe with Google Drive but in some case my wedding customers have 800+ images and the iframe is huge and offers little editing to include scrolling down or across.


      By this point customer has already paid so there is no need for an e-commerce system.  Although, I wouldn't dismiss it if allows me to achieve my goal.


      Any suggestions for where to start?




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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          1) Why not simply use the standard gallery from muse?

          People can download images with right click. A button could lead to the whole folder of images.

          But 2) How do you want to avoid, that all people around the world can download images?

          This might require some username/password stuff. This is not easily possible with muse out of the box.#

          This would require a quite proper CMS, I`m afraid.

          3) If you persist on muse, I have heard of "publiz.com". Ussnorway seemed to be experienced with this hosting.

          4) I had a discussion with Jason from musegrid.com the other day – their support is awesome, even if you did not subscribe yet.

          They provide great live chat (depending on their office hours) support on their website. He brought me into the idea of Business Catalyst as hosting.

          Ask him (or his colleague) about your goals.


          Best Regards,