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    Is this possible....Please Help Me.warning marital problems below.


      pool.pngFlip this image around


        It is now 17 January 2018, I have seen about 100 pics of my wife “photoshop ” in pictures, I have yet to prove who the man is, but I have self identified, clothing, her breast, her hair and objects in my home. The pictures are never clear pictures, they are masked (look up definition). The photo’s are also layered photo’s meaning one pic on top of another pic, and usually the photos are a montage or collage of my wife and him having a sexual encounter. Also when you zoom in with 2 fingers on the iphone on each dot in the photo, another image appears. Is this possible? I need help from the experts.


      The pic looks at first glance looks as though it is a swimming pool, but after looking closely you can see in the bottom left of the water a smiley face and a women’s torso. When you change the filter settings, brightness and rotate and stretch this photo, other images appear(as if it was on your I phone, the dots make up words such as “thanks a bunch” and numbers 3:33, I don’t know the meaning of this. Am I going crazy or has anyone ever heard of this type of technology, I have never posted anything on the internet. If you can help me I appreciate it.