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    Adobe Muse (Responsive?) Text Box

    Robin F.

      Okay so, I'm really going to need some help here with Muse 2018


      Hours and hours of trying but I can't seem to get a textbox, containing the company's name and description, to look in proportion to the rest of the page in the preview browser.


      The font I used is a self installed webfont. I've tried other webfonts from the adobe typekit and web edge fonts so I don't think it's the downloaded font that is the problem.


      Only when I use a system font, it seems to be following the rest of the page. But because it's an image when using a system font, the resolution isn't quite pretty to look at.


      I put the textbox both on the masterpage and the page itself but neither will work.


      Here are the screenshots:


      Here's my homepage in the design tap, looks, in proportion to the image and the header, like I want it to be.

      Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 17.25.56.png


      But then, when I open it in a browser to preview it, it's much smaller. Completely blown out of proportion to the rest of the page.

      Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 17.26.08.png

      Maybe the solution is quite simple, but I am totally lost...


      Thanks anyway for anyone who might have an answer.


      - Robin