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    how do I import from the desktop?


      how do I import a photo into Lightroom from the desktop?

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          Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

          In the import dialog you choose c:\users\name-of-the-user\desktop. This is for Windows. If you are using a Mac I can't help, because I'm only use Windows.

          Here is a screenshot from a German Lightroom


          2018-01-17 19_54_19-Lightroom.png



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            dj_paige Level 10

            As Axel stated, you need to find the actual folder name of your desktop.


            I add that I consider this to be a poor strategy with Lightroom, because you can only fit a certain number of photos onto your desktop before it becomes full; you have to move the photos (which is an extra unnecessary step), and for some reason, many users seem to have great difficulty doing this. Also, a superior strategy is to put the photos in their final destination folder straight out of the camera rather than putting the photos on your desktop and later putting them elsewhere.

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              Primero, crear una carpeta en el escritorio, mover la/s foto/s a la carpeta.
              En Lightroom en importar, buscar en el panel izquierdo árbol de carpetas en Mac. Macintosh HD/Users/nombre de usuario/Desktop/carpeta creada.
              En Windows. C:/Users/nombre de usuario/escritorio/carpeta creada.
              Luego en importar