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    cannot connect to adobe.com

    CEI1 Community Member
      For some reason, my wifes laptop will not connect to any adress with adobe.com in it. I have added adobe .com as a trusted site, but that does not work either. I can connect to any other site I type in, so it is not a connectivity issue. Any ideas?
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          I'm having the same problem. My husband was using our pc and got the alert that it was time to update Adobe Reader. He chose the option to perform the update at a later time, and since then we can't get to adobe.com and no longer have the reader on our pc. I checked the firewall and other security settings and also added adobe.com as a trusted site but still can't connect. I'd like to by Adobe Premier but obviously can't until this is resolved.
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            this sounds strange.
            This could simply be a Firewall blocking access, a DNS cache issue etc.

            Could you give some more information like how you connect to the Internet and what browsers you have tried loading the website with? What Operating System are you running?

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              slgrif Community Member
              We use Firefox mainly and Internet Explorer when we have to. The computer is running XP. We have a router with a firewall and two computers are connected to it. One can connect to adobe.com, one can't.
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                Kay.P Community Member
                So if the one can and the other one cannot, we can rule out a problem with your connection. It must be a client setting, browser or networking. Do you see this happening for any other website and do you run a firewall on this one client that might filter or block websites based on content filter rules? Might as well be AntiVirus Software that comes with a Firewall blocking it for some reason.

                Also some client Firewalls come with a DNS cache storing requests to Domains you browse to. The idea is to speed up browsing as your machine would not have to resolve the adobe.com domain name first. If you have such a feature, clear these entries.

                Also try this, to see if the machine can resolve the domain name:

                Open a command line from Start / Run and type cmd.
                At the command prompt type ipconfig /flushdns to clear the DNS resolver cache.

                Then type one of the following 2 commands:

                ping adobe.com
                nslookup adobe.com

                It should come back with an IP address for adobe.com. This would indicate that your machine can get to the domain and rule out network problems.

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                  slgrif Community Member
                  This isn't happening with any other web site. It does have antivirus software and is running the Windows firewall. I will try your suggestions.
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                    slgrif Community Member
                    I pinged and got an ip address ( I also ran the nslookup command and cleared the DNS resolver cache, like you said to. I turned off the firewall and turned off the antivirus software and still can't get to the site.
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                      acropete Community Member
                      Are you still having trouble accessing adobe.com?
                      A bit of a helpful page is:
                      At least for checking status information for a page vs your connection.
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                        slgrif Community Member
                        I'm still having trouble. When I went to downforeveryoneorjustme.com I got this message: "It's just you. www.adobe.com is up."

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                          Kay.P Community Member
                          What confuses me is that you obviously can load this forum page which is on adobe.com. So we must be missing something here. Did you get here directly or using the link on acrobat.com?
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                            slgrif Community Member
                            I mainly reply to this forum from my computer at work. When I get a suggestion from you all, I go home and try it.

                            I do have two pc's at home, as I mentioned in an earlier post. One can connect to adobe.com, one can't.
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                              An_Tai Community Member
                              Hi slgrif,

                              I'd be wondering how the connecting is failing - does take a long time to load anything, say connexion timed out, display a message that the site cannot be found, other ...?

                              Is there a difference between when you try www.adobe.com and plain adobe.com ?

                              What happens if you try to go to
                              ? I obtained that from 'ping www.adobe.com' instead of 'ping adobe.com'

                              If you can, open C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

                              If adobe.com is in there, remove the specific line. Otherwise, leave it as is.

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                                slgrif Community Member
                                Hi, Andrew,

                                It doesn't make a difference whether I type adobe.com or www.adobe.com. It takes about a second and then I get a screen that says "Unable to connect" in Firefox or "Explorer cannot display the webpage" in Explorer.

                                When I typed in the IP address I got a to a page that was text only. It had a list of links, like a site map page. When I clicked on any of the links on the page, I got one of the messages I described above.

                                I opened the hosts file but didn't see anything about adobe.com. There was only one line:

                       local host

                                Is there a chance that I need to look somewhere in the registry for this problem?

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                                  acropete Community Member
                                  Hello Suzanne,

                                  What you're running into is still a bit perplexing.

                                  Does that computer have any other trouble accessing other pages?

                                  If you click Start - Run : and type "cmd" ... Try to run a "ping" on www.adobe.com (i.e. the command to type would be "ping www.adobe.com")
                                  See if you get any sort of response back (in the form of milliseconds).
                                  The results don't matter too much, other than, do you get a response back? yes, or no.
                                  If yes, maybe something in the browser is blocking the site, or potentially a firewall that may be active, blocking access to www.adobe.com

                                  If No, then we're looking at something more network related

                                  Try this out and let us know how it goes!
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                                    slgrif Community Member
                                    This is what I got when I pinged www.adobe.com. The whole thing took about 8 seconds:

                                    Pinging www.wip3.adobe.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

                                    Reply from bytes=32 time=106ms TTL=241
                                    Request timed out.
                                    Reply from bytes=32 time=115ms TTL=241
                                    Reply from bytes=32 time=107ms TTL=241

                                    Ping statistics for
                                    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 3, Lost = 1 (25% loss),
                                    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
                                    Minimum = 106ms, Maximum = 115ms, Average = 109ms

                                    I was hoping that this would be a problem that other people had had and that there would be a solution out there somewhere. If it's just a glitch with my pc, then I officially give up. Thanks for your help.

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                                      Patrick Leckey Community Member

                                      Are you behind a router from your connection point?

                                      There is a reserved block of IPs at 192.168.x.x that are used for internal networks, and are often set as the default block of IPs used by routers. If your router is using this 192.168.x.x subnet and has a subnet mask of, it would see anything in the 192.x.x.x range as an internal IP, and not try to go out to the internet to access it.

                                      This does not explain why you are able to ping the host and not connect via HTTP, but would be something to check just in case.
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                                        slgrif Community Member
                                        We have two computers that are connected to a router. One can connect to adobe.com, the other can't.
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                                          slgrif Community Member
                                          Also, here's some additional information:

                                          Modem IP Address:
                                          Subnet Mask:
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                                            So what we know so far is:
                                            -You can ping www.adobe.com, which means your computer is capable of reaching it. We can rule out routers/network connectivity.
                                            -You can browse to www.adobe.com if you trick your browser by using the IP address instead. It fails on the links because the links all use the name instead of the IP.

                                            So there is a setting on your PC that is forbidding access to the site "adobe.com" ...

                                            This could be a security setting in IE. (I'm not as familiar with Firefox, but I assume it has an equivalent setting.) In internet options, go to the security tab and check to see if adobe.com is in any of the special sites lists. The three special sites lists are "Local Intranet", "Trusted Sites", and "Restricted Sites." To check if we're on the list, select the icon for a site list and click the "Sites..." button. (for the Local Intranet site you'll have to click Advanced on the new window that comes up too) If adobe.com is in any of those lists, remove it from the list.

                                            Also, if you have Content Advisor on, it may have tagged our site as adult content and blocked it. You could try disabling that as well.

                                            This is definitely something specific to your PC, it is just a matter of pinning down what it is. If these suggestions don't help, it might be related to a third party internet content manager program installed on your PC. If you have anything like that installed, let us know.

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                                              same issue with me in nz. ping and nslookup goes to
                                              but works by going to this ip - for time being added a host file to this ip.
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                                                If your home/work router or wireless router is set to default IP / then change to the following:


                                                Router IP:






                                                This should work for you.

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                                                  Harry Kiri

                                                  Hi Mark, I've had this problem for over 12 months and its annoyed me intensely that *any* 192 series public IP number has been impossible to connect to.  In fact I *almost* purchased another router (but didn't).


                                                  Your solution will work, of course, but for me, I couldn't bring myself to change my manually allocated LAN addressing on my home network (6 machines). I've just realised there is a simpler way - that has no drawbacks (as far as I know) - at least for a network  that doesn't have thousands of machines.


                                                  Why not simply change the *mask* in the router rather than the LAN IP series?


                                                  ie mask change from ....... to .........


                                                  The router will then place the Adobe 192.150 series of IP numbers outside the internal LAN allocation - turning it into a public IP number.  I've just done this, and - at last - I can access (Adobe Reader 9).


                                                  Thanks for your post - it was the trigger I needed to turn on my lightbulb :-)


                                                  Message was edited by: Harry Kiri Just read Patrick Leckeys post - this was/is spot on, and incredibly close to unlocking the definitive answer.

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                                                    I had the same problem until I realised I had Peer Block running! It was blocking access to adobe.com, but it didn't hit me until a few hours later when I tried to connect to EA's support forum (which was also blocked).