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    Book mode red box icon


      Templates are restrictive for multiple photos with plentiful room for texts.


      For example, six landscape photos with text above and below. Only one page text box is available. Photo boxes are restricted to above photo even if align with photo is not checked off.


      The only solution I found was to use one text box, with spaces after the top text to push second text paragraph to the bottom. This layers the text box over the photos.


      This can be seen by the text box perimeter, and the fact that you can't alter a photo without removing the page text box first.


      An icon appears at the bottom right that is a red box with an x in it. I assume this warns of layering.


      How will this print in Blurb? Blurb support suggested I ask for support in LR.


      I would appreciate any advice.

      Thank you,


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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I am not sure I understand what template design you are trying to achieve.


          But the Red X Box indicates that there is not enough space in the Text box to contain all the typed text.

          Lr Text cells do not work like many other programs that will split the text and carry-over into the next available cell or page.

          You can test this by typing a few words, select the text, then increase the Character size greatly- you will see the red X box appear.


          ScreenShot078.jpg  ScreenShot079.jpg

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            S.Nadeau Level 1

            Thank you for your help. Yes, I understand your example about making the text too large for the text box and the Red box will show up.


            I was hoping to split the text within the same box. On the LR view if I write a few lines at the top and then space down and continue under the photo, I am still able to see the photo in the LR view. However,  perhaps this will glitch when I send it out to print with Blurb.


            I want to use six photos in both of these examples. But the LR boxes available include only one page text box and 6 photo boxes that are confined to the photos space. There are no other alternatives that work better with the layout options.




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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              If I think I know what you are trying to achieve- then you have some difficult editing ahead-

              I can place the "Photo Text" box Above each photo, Uncheck [Align with Photo], and then expand the type by placing multiple line 'Returns' between the text above and below the photo, but alignment is difficult.

              The page will print to a JPG and PDF ok as below, so I have no reason to suspect that it will not print ok by Blurb.


              Editing the Photo Text cell-


              A PDF export-


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                S.Nadeau Level 1

                Thanks for testing that out. I had done the same thing, but in paragraph form as a page text. Since then I have changed the pages to three photos with room to write beside them to make sure I don’t have a problem. It’s good to know that it works though. Thank you!