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    vbox resize w/ nested children

    Brent Lamborn
      If I dynamically add items to a vbox control in my flex app, the vbox automatically adjusts it's height to accomodate the additional height needed to house the items I added.

      I am creating a custom control that uses a vbox as the parent control. I find that if I add controls to the vbox, then add controls to those controls (nested controls), the vbox does not adjust it's height. It seems to only adjust for it's own children, and not it's children's children.

      Can anyone direct me to the event or method in the vbox that I need to call for it to "auto-adjust" its height?

      I know I can use a Resize, but I'd rather not get into calculating what the new height should be. It'd be nice to just have the vbox do it itself if there is a method I can call to cause this to happen.