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    Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign UI issues with high dpi screen and 2 monitors


      Hi! my company uses CC and I have recently downloaded CC 2018 for each of the Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign programs that we use. I have two monitors: my laptop, which is a Lenovo Yoga with 4k display and the recommended (and preferred) resolution set at 3840x2160 with 225% scaling; my external monitor is an Asus with a recommended (and preferred) resolution of 2560x1440 with 100% scaling.

      My issue is that the adobe products to not appropriately scale. I had changed the settings in preferences for each of the programs under compatibility and overrode the highdpi scaling behavior with system (enhanced). This worked fine as long as my two monitors were linked. If I remove my laptop then I have to uncheck that in the compatibility settings or the top toolbar does not recognize the location of my cursor appropriately and I cannot functionally use the toolbar (for example, when I go to edit and the drop down menu appears, it changes to the file drop down menu or just disappears as I move my cursor).

      I found some other help advice online that advised to go into the preferences in each program (under edit) and have the UI for high dpi set to auto detect and adjust for the lowest resolution detected. When I first went in, it was autodetecting for the highest resolution detected. Now, when I move a program over, the toolbars and fonts look normal and are legible (they were initially before I started messing with any of this too tiny to be functional in any way). However, if I start the program and have the home screen up where it asks if you want to create new, open, and shows the recent programs, there are two issues. First, that menu is so tiny it's impossible to read, and second the buttons do not work. The rest of the screen is black, but if I move my cursor over the screen it will change to the finger as if it's rolling over a button. This image shows what I mean with size and location. I cannot actually select the toolbar where it says "work" or "learn" because the toolbar is not actually in that location.

      Can anyone please help me identify how to set up the adobe programs appropriately for both of my monitors so that it looks normal when the screens are connected and when I just have my laptop without having to change the display settings every time. I did not have this issue with CC2017 programs.