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    unable to create PDFs from within Acrobat

    BillerDude Level 1

      I recently upgrade to Acrobat Pro 2017.  With previous version of Acrobat Pro, I would be able to create a PDF from a word file, from within Acrobat Pro.  Now when I try to do this I get an error "An unexpected error occurred.  PDFMaker was unable to produce the Adobe PDF."  I'm also unable to select multiple files and create PDFs from within File Explorer; exp: Open File explorer, browser to a folder with .docx files, select 1 (or more), right-click and select Conver to PDF.  It appears to begin to work, with a little progress window popping up, but then I get this error again.  I also noticed that after I get this error, it appears to hold the file open.  The a copy of the file is created in the same location, but it is transparent and is prefixed with ~$. If I try again with the same file I get a different error saying the file is in use and can't be opened.  If I open Task Manager I noticed there are multiple Word.exe process running, and closing them either removes the ~$ file or allows me to at least delete and try to create the PDF again.


      Windows 10 1703

      Acrobat Pro 2017 170.11.30070