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    Muse content embedded in coldfusion page?


      I have seen some posts stating that embedding coldfusion code in Muse pages is impractical.  However, I want to do the opposite.


      I tried calling the muse from CF using a variety of methods, including cfhttp (presumably preferred), cfmodule, and cfinclude.  The following error code seems to be the core issue among these methods:




      I have also tried removing some of the standalone page type code from the muse code (e.g. !DOCTYPE, and HTML and BODY tags), but to no effect.  I will try asking this on the CF forum as well.


      <div class="container home">

              <cfhttp url="#application.proot#/includes/__sstandards/index.html"  method="GET" resolveurl="Yes" throwOnError="Yes">

              <!---cfmodule template="#request.includes#/__sstandards1/index.cfm"--->



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          Preran Adobe Employee

          I haven't heard of anyone attempting this workflow previously, and am not sure if this is possible. You probably also want to post on the ColdFusion forum to see if anyone has attempted what you are trying to do.




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            andrews27333005 Level 1

            Thanks, Preran.  I did ultimately have a bit of luck by calling the muse code from within the CF code using AJAX.  I just included the muse code in a subdirectory of my CF site, then adjusted the resources paths in the muse code accordingly (i.e. to css, js, images), to access those from the muses effective loaded location.  Looks like this should even work for a multi-muse drilldown, by including the ajax call / url in place of the normal static url in the muse.  So far so good.  At least got something working!


            We are considering muse code for integration with CF (or other, e.g., .Net) sites, as a way to quickly do graphic-rich informational parts.  So, far, proof of concept looks promising.



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              Preran Adobe Employee

              Thank you for your solution, Andrew. This is definitely a first for me at least, the first I have seen someone attempt this workflow. Your post should help other users in a similar predicament.