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    Form text around image

    Level 7
      Is there any easy way to get text to form around an image? It's a simple
      rectangle, so nothing complicated there. I can't have the text-preformatted
      with tabs and such because it needs to be able to change and still fit in
      the box. Basically, I just want to indent the first 3 lines of the
      paragraph in so that an image can fit in the space there. I can easily use
      a tabstop to indent the first line, but determining where the linebreaks are
      in order to add tabs to the second two lines doesn't seem to be possible.
      (Director lists the text member as having only 1 line, even though it's a
      full paragraph - auto-linebreaks due to text-wrapping do not count as new
      lines.) I know this sort of thing can be done with HTML on a webpage or
      something, but Director's handling of HTML is severely limited, and one
      thing I don't think it includes is things like <div> and <span> tags, whic
      is how you'd handle this in a browser. (And in any case, that would require
      the image to be *part* of the text, which I'm almost certain isn't
      possible.) Any ideas? Or am I chasing at straws here?