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    FORM parameters not passed

      Devised a scrolling window for a set of identical tables (featuring our products and videos) using the Spry SlidingPanels widget, but the PayPal button code within each table that scrolls through the window doesn't function with PayPal. Rather than getting the shopping cart, we get a sign-in page.

      Have used PayPal's <form> code before with success and the same code pasted into a blank document functions perfectly. When the various tables, all identical except for content, were simply placed on one page (rather than in the Spry SlidingPanels widget) the code worked and we got a proper connect to PayPal's shopping cart.

      Here's our URL: http://www.BeckerAndEarle.com/DreamWeaver/Pages/Products.html

      I know enough HTML to be dangerous, but hardly expert, so it's likely something 'duh'-simple, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.