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    Flex add-in not being displayed in QTP add-in manager

      I have installed flex builder 3 and Flex add-in for QTP. The log files for Flex suggest that installation successful, but if I open QTP, Flex is not displayed in the add-in manager for QTP.

      I started a logger in QTP and when I start QTP, I get this error message:

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------
      [8/7/2008 10:56:6:90] Level: Error, Cat: LogCatFrame, tulipframe.cpp Line=716 Function=CTulipFrameApp::InitInstance ThreadId=3328
      CTulipFrameApp::InitInstance IMicShowDialog failed hRes = -2147467259
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------

      I don't get this message if I unistall Flex plug -in. so I am pretty sure this error is caused by the flex plug in installation...Any suggestions how to get rid of this???
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          HELP!  The problem stated here is almost exactly the problem we're seeing (except that we don't see any error statement).  We can successfully complete installation of the Flex 3 Plug-in for Mercury QuickTest Pro (v10), but we only see it in the Add-In Manager when logged in as Administrator.


          It is very difficult to get admin rights to our machines (we were lucky that one QA tester had the rights so we could narrow the problem), so getting admin rights is not the solution.


          The add-in installs properly and works great as admin, but not as a standard user.  Is there something I can do while logged on as an administrator (change security rights to specific files for general users, for instance) that would get the add-in visible to all who need it?


          Did the person that started this thread ever get resolution?