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    Flash Asset Xtra update (10.1.1) : authoring becomes sluggish with   Flash buttons

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      I'm using DMX2004 to update an old project (version 10.1)

      I wanted to replace old ugly buttons with Flash components ones, which I
      did (I've got around 20 buttons on the scene, all duplicated from one
      castmember). Everything was working fine and speedy, apart from some
      script errors.

      Then I discovered there was a Flash 8 Asset Xtra update which I decided
      to install as I was in a quite early button integration stage.

      From then on, authoring became sluggish, Director hangs for about 30
      seconds on each script error.

      I did a test from scratch (putting buttons on the scene) and it seems
      having a cast member for each button on stage helps but it will crawl
      anyway with 20 buttons.

      Do I need to switch back to old Flash Asset version ? Is there something
      to do ?

      Thanks in advance.