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    What output file updates the TOC contents page

      What output file updates the TOC contents page? I thought WHTDHTML.htm did but it doesn't update. Is there a javascript that ties to the page? The reason I am working with these individually is because I am working with page sensitive help and added some new topics. The topics updated into Robohelp 7 okay but the TOC did not update. Any thoughts on what output files would update the TOC?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          If you add new topics to the project they don't get automatically added to the TOC. Why not just add them manually to the TOC? Double click the TOC in Project Manager and there is functionality to add it there. You can drag topics from the Topic List.

          You also have to generate the help afresh.

          Or is there something I am missing?

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            MergeThis Level 4
            Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

            I explained the purpose of this file in your previous post here. Go back and read my last reply there. If you don't want to do that, I'll repeat here: the whtdhtml.htm is for FORMATTING ISSUES ONLY (setFont, setIcon, stuff like that)!

            As Peter says, the output TOC will not include a new topic until you manually add it to the source TOC.

            In addition, the way to update the output is to LET ROBOHELP DO IT! Create the Layout and select your Generate and Publish options (Generate to a folder on your local machine and Publish to a server location; once you've published the first time, RH will only publish the new and changed files from the previous Publish).

            As to the whdata, whgdata, and whxdata folders (your other concern from the previous post), RH balances its TOC, Index, and Glossary info among a series of numbered files, for better download performance. For example, as the whxdata\whtdata13.xml reaches a certain size, RH stops using it and creates whxdata\whtdata14.xml for a certain amount of new entries. It might also do some further balancing of all previously generated files, and you can never predict what will change and what will not. As I said at the top, just Generate WebHelp and let RH do everything.

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              I'm not explaining myself very well. I understand that RH updates the files when I generate. I understand how to add topics to the TOC. What I am doing here is actually getting into the output files and updating them individually in a repository. If you were here I could explain it to you why I am doing that and what I need. Thanks for trying to help.
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                MergeThis Level 4
                We sometimes edit our output files, too, but only minor content changes in the topic .htm files (new version of third-party software, minor typo, etc.). Messing with any other files, however, is done at your own peril. That is, you cannot predict where RH is likely to add the info for those new topics, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, where the RH internal keys are that would read the individual files. In addition, the TOC data is spread around in .htm and .xml files in several folders. For example, open the whftdata0.xml and whtdata0.xml files in the whxdata folder. These are not the only files that contain TOC info, but you'll see that RH takes a piecemeal approach to storing the information.

                I would suggest rethinking your update methods instead.

                Good luck,