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    Clone Stamp Tool not working properly with new Wacom Tablet

    Captain1854 Level 1

      Good Morning All, I've built a new PC computer system and I've finally added a Wacom tablet, the Intuos Med., so I'm very new to it and practicing. However, I'm having an issue using the pen and the Clone Stamp tool. First issue is the "ALT" click to choose the area to clone from, sometimes when I hold the "ALT" key and tap the pen, it won't register the area I want. Next, once I finally get the area chosen, when I go to clone and I touch the pen to the tablet, it keeps bringing up the dialog box to change the size and hardness. Are there some settings I need to check / change?


      I have the bottom button of the pen set to "Right Click" and the top buttom set to "step back" (CTRL + ALT + Z).


      I have done all the updates to the tablet and PS - PSCC 2018.


      The computer is a quad code I7, 32 GB RAM, all SSD's, 128 GB scratch drive, 3 GB Nvidia GForce 1060 video card, 2 - ASUS 24" LCD's hooked up Display Port. I do still have my mouse hooked up incase, until I get comfortable with the tablet.