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    Where do I download edge reflow?

    2qw63esd7r5t7o6ylvukjhdg Level 1

      Adobe has published that "...Edge Tools & Services will continue to be available for Creative Cloud members [including edge reflow]..." here: Edge family of products | End of development


      However I can not find it as a download in the creative cloud app as a stand alone app or as an older version of an available app such as dream weaver or muse. I have dozens of edge reflow files that are no longer possible to open or edit. Please help!


      Additional context: I was using edge reflow earlier this week, and after switching to a new work computer (same build) and re-downloading creative cloud today - I am now facing the challenge described above. Please let me know if an older version of another app will allow me to use edge reflow docs or if there is a way to download edge reflow.