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    Flex builder 3 - clean build

      I am having problems with Flex builder 3 not building correctly.
      It does incremental builds - to reduce compilation time on individual changes I assume - but quite often gets it wrong and produces a whole stack of invalid errors.

      I've tried the build clean function but that doesn't seem to actually perform a full build clean. It only resolves these issues some of the time. I can mess around with the code - deleting and then un-deleting lines that are throwing up errors, or sometimes renaming the main style sheet - which usually fixes it. But this is a constant drain on my productivity and sometimes no amount of messing around will help. In those cases only exporting the entire code base and creating a new project resolves the issue. (I would guess because this forces a completely clean build)

      Does anyone know of a way to either eliminate this problem alltogether or failing that perform a full clean build through the builder.

      I'm guessing a customised any build script may be the solution, but I've never created one of these.