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    Can't cancel subscription

    babsj93836473 Level 1

      I've been trying to get this problem resolved for quite a while now and I'm honestly getting extremely frustrated. I keep getting charged for a plan that when I go on my  account apparently does not exist. I go to my account, I look under plans and  orders and whatever else and it's blank but for the past  three months money has been pulled out of my account ( and I have proof of this). So either someone is lying or I'm getting charged for something I don't have. I've tried looking up forums and contacting support and I either get no line of communication started or told to cancel a plan that is not on my account. I'm honestly just tired of the unprofessionalism displayed by adobe and I don't want to be referred to any chats  that won't ever start or  go to my account and try an option that does not exist,  I want someone  who has the power to cancel whatever invisible source is pulling money form my account to do so. Is there anyone who can do that.?


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is an open forum with mostly other users... who can't help with a subscription problem


          Since the chat people can't find a subscription for your email address, contact your credit card company and have them stop payment

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            KanikaS Adobe Employee

            Hi Babs,


            I see you have an Adobe account under the same email as with forums, however, there is no active subscription under this ID.

            Is there a different ID that you are using? How much amount are you being charged? Could you please send us the other ID is a private message so that we can check what can be done?




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              suhasr21906466 Level 1

              I have a similar problem! The chat customer support also seems quite pathetic. I had informed my decision to unsubscribe from my plan in aug 2017 and I see that the second year had been charged! I don’t even an option to unsubscribe through my dashboard. I am at the mercy of the customer support to cancel and the customer support does t seem to help! Quite frustrated!!

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                KanikaS Adobe Employee

                Hi Suhas,


                I see you have an active Creative Cloud Photography subscription under the same ID as wit forums. In order to get the subscription cancelled, you need to Contact Customer Care.

                They will be able to assist you with the same. Feel free to update the thread for more questions.





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                  joycew89679837 Level 1

                  I was having the same problem trying to cancel my Adobe PDF monthly  subscription. I didn't have the "Cancel Plan" button, either, and every time I clicked on "Contact Support," it would take me to the same menu. Please help urgently.

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                    joycew89679837 Level 1

                    Your Contact Customer Care.   link doesnt work. Please click on it and try it out yourself. I called Singapore Adobe nobody pick up at all. I am very scare now. I called my bank to block my credit card. This is a huge inconvenient to me. Honestly is this a scam!? I seriously reserve the right to sue your company. Adobe published world wide able to cancel within 14 days with full refund but since 2013 this was never possible. Google and you can all the people's comments and fustration till today. I will never buy anything from adobe ever ever again in my life. It's a super terrifying experience.

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                      Hi Adobe,


                      I had the same issue as well. I've actually CANCELLED my product on Feb 2017 as the 1 year product will end in March 2017. I saw my transactions have been charged from April 2017 - June 2018.

                      I have not updated my credit card info as it has expired. I have no idea how they can still charge a monthly fee back to my current account.


                      There isn't a "CANCEL" button beside my "Manage Account".

                      From the start, they didn't even want to cancel your product and just verbally tell you they have cancel it. I WANT MY REFUND BACK!

                      Please explain.

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                        joycet94174835 Level 1

                        I am lodging a report with my bank and Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and SG police report. If there's isn't any action at Adobe end. It's such a disgrace to such big organisations and it's unable to cancel my subscription.