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    Photoshop CC19 pathing slows redraw

    Garry Bradley Level 1

      Hi all

      I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this.


      Whilst I love the new path options in the latest CC, the more of these lovely anti-aliased coloured paths you add to an image the more the path creation slows down. Clicking the next point and dragging a curve gets jumpier the more points there are and it's not an excessive number before it happens. Also selecting the path in the paths panel and scrubby zooming jumps instead of smooth scrolling, deselecting the path and zooms goes back to smooth again.


      Unfortunately unchecking 'Anti-alias Guides and Paths' in the Advanced Graphics Processor Settings> Performance doesn't help neither does dialing down the Drawing Mode to Basic. Fully turning off Use Graphics Processor is the only thing that solves it but that's unpractical.


      I'd have thought a new iMac with 32Gb RAM and a 4Gb AMD Radeon Pro 750 might be fine to cope with this feature but it appears not. It's a really annoying lag that makes creating more paths inaccurate the more you add.


      Not sure if it's a bug common to the new Photoshop CC 19 or a specific Mac problem running High Sierra, any ideas people?