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    How do I use Photologo Animation on a photo?

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      I received a new logo from the "Photologo" company. Then I sprung for their "animated" logo.  I'm pretty proficient at P.S. but do you think I can figure out how to put my animated logo GIF over one of my photos?  No way.  Can someone help?  The company is Horrible. They don't include any instructions nor do they get back to you after sending many emails and "contacts". 

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I do not know what is possible html you may be able to do that using two files where image and logo are separate files a static jpeg image and an animated gif logo displayed over it.  You could also  create a Frame animation in Photoshop where you animate a logo over an image.   You could then Use Export Save for web to save out an animated gif if there are not too many colors in the image and logo.  Gif only supports 256 mapped colors.  If there and many colors you can instead use export render video and save out an MP4 video instead of an animated gif.


          Here is a simple move logo across the image. Save as a GIF. The MP4 version is better it is twice the size as the gif.  The gif was 300KB the mp4 600KB.


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            That's way to complicated. This company: "Photologo" has an animated GIF they sent me for $39.99.  They said it is easy to use over your photos however no instructions are included with it and the company does not answer emails or their contact page. THEY SUCK. I have initiated a STOP PAYMENT with my bank for the transaction.  I was just wondering if anyone else has received an animated logo from them (GIF FILE) and knows how to use it.  thanks. 

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              The easiest way I can think of is the make a web page where your image is the page's background and you display you animated logo gif on that page.   Use straight HTML or css.   I do not know either HTML or CSS so I can not give you a detail example but  you should able to find that information one the web from a site like this CSS background-size property

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                Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                Does the animated gif have a transparent background? Or is it a solid rectangle? 


                To do what you want is actually very easy.

                load the animated gif, and set the workspace to motion

                Select frame 1, which should also be layer 1

                Increase canvas size to match your proposed background image.

                With frame 1 and layer 1 selected either drag or place your background image.  It needs to be right at the bottom of the layer stack, so if comes in above other layers, drag it to the bottom.  This is crucial.

                It gets ever so slightly complicated here, so read carefully and follow all steps.  I want to put the NZ flag behind the animated Union Jack and you can see the sizes are not quite right.  You can use Free Transform to change the size, but you need to have all frames selected, or the size change will only show for the selected frame.  That's the tricky bit.


                Right so select _all_N frames, and Free Transform the background image. (Ctrl T or Cmd T)

                That's pretty much job done, but we might need to do some tidying up.  Your situation will be completely different though.  I can see a bit of background peeking out from behind the animation, but I'll test to see how it works.


                First thing is to Crop out the unwanted image area


                Now go File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy) which opens this window.

                Set format to GIF.  Check the size, and reduce the number of colours if you can get away with it.  The only way to know for sure is to try it, and if it ruins the image, do it again with more colours.  256 is the maximum, so we are not talking about super photo quality.

                I can see the background Union Jack peeping out, so I am going to cover that with blue and export again.  Because this is a single layer, we don't need to select all the frames this time.


                Now I have a clean animation, although the animated area is showing above the background a touch.


                I hope that helps.  You can see it is not a complicated process, but like you said back up the thread, there is very little by way of tutorials for this.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  I suggested that but they said it was too complex.   Perhaps with your step by step demo they will see it actually is not hard but will lower image quality for Gif only supporte 256 colors like I wrote or you save the animation as a MP4 video.