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    videos behaving wierd!

    meetali Level 1
      Hi everyone,

      this forum helped me a lot for creating my app, which is essentially a videos/photos gallery...its done, now I am testing it, and i got a weird bug.

      I have put my application(swf file) file on a web server, the videos(flv files) and jpg pics are also located on the same server. Now when i am opening the app URL on my system, its working fine, videos are pics are opening, videos are opening through client side streaming. However, on somebody else's system, videos goes fast forward on their own. This is a weird behavior and I have no idea what is causing this.

      can anybody tell me, y is this happening?
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          Does this problem occur on more than one other system? Does this problematic system have the correct Flash plugin installed?
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            meetali Level 1
            Hi, thanks for replying...

            ya, this problem is with every machine other than my...my app is on our webserver which is on LAN, i m using the same http URL, and others are also opening the same http URL...if anyone else is opening it, whole app looks ok, except that it sometimes hangs, and when a video's play button is pressed..video goes fast forward on its own, and then it stops in the end, and after 10 or 20 seconds, it plays from the start(this time it plays ok), but the seekbar and the duration has already completed which it fast forwarded...

            yes i have checked, the browser's version and the flash player version is same as my machine...

            i guess it can be some synchronization problem...can u tell me something about it?
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              meetali Level 1
              looks like I have figured out the problem..

              The problem is with the video file...I have converted the avi files to flash files(flv) using prism converter, they play fine on my system, but goes fast forward on others..so looks like problem is with the conversion..or essentially the video...

              is there any good flash video converter available free to public??, which wont make the video go fast forward on network...