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    Display or strokes pixelated until I zoom in (cintiq 22hd)

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      I purchased my self a new cintiq 22 HD. As I've been using it for 1.5 years now at work and I love it. But I got it all set up and for some reason. Opening my document at 2000x3000 300dpi 8 bit. Also tried 16 bit. My strokes are pixelated or grainy like they don't have anti alias on when you do a lasso tool. This isn't the case on my cintiq at work nor was this an Issue when I was on my 13 inch cintiq. So I am very confused at whats going on. When I google search I'm not finding much on this. So I figured I'd bring it here. Currently this is whats happening.


      I open a document. I make a stroke it looks pixelated. Like the 1st frame in the cintq green scren shot.
      I then zoom in. It looks clean and smooth like the 2nd frame in the Green cintiq screen shot.
      I zoom in again a 3rd time and my strokes are pixelated. I zoom in again Its fine but starts to look more pixelated as I'm getting close to the image.


      When I reverse or negative zoom this is the same but in reverse.


      To test if this was now happening on my main monitor. Its doing the same thing. Again this didn't happen until I just installed the new cintiq driver. At least I never noticed it before. I also tried updating my graphic driver thinking maybe it had something to do with this. Nothing changed when I got to my newest update.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. This is a weird issue and I cannot explain why its happening. The strokes look great and smooth upon zooming in but I'm sure you can see where this would start to become extremely frustrating.


      Thank you so much for your time!!