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    E-commerce platforms and customisation in Muse



      I'm looking for a e-commerce platform to sell on-demand services, and ideally I'd like to embed an entire store, but the customisation options I've seen seem rather limited. I've checked out Sellfy, Ecwid and Shopify, but none of them give me design control (not with the Muse widgets either). The buy now buttons, for example, don't accept my website font, you can only round corners certain pixels, and in general, while they do offer some degree customisation, they won't let you seamlessly integrate a current website design.


      The question is: Are there any solutions out there that allow you close to 100 % design control / customisation. Or do I need to embed single items / buy now buttons (like MuseTheme's custom PayPal button), and design the storefront myself?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,