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    Image Exporting Phenomena




      I have noticed something a bit strange happening when I export form Lightroom Classic. At least it's weird for me. I have been using Lightroom for about 8 months and haven't changed anything in my export settings so I did some investigating.


      Here is the scenario:

      In the past when I cropped an image to 5x7 and exported it (only changing name and folder selection) my file sizes would be around 1meg and if I opened exported image in photoshop the image size would be 5x7.


      Now when I export the same image the file size is 6meg+ and if I open the image in photoshop the size reflects the image size prior to crop. For example, if I cropped an image to 5x7 the exported image size is 20x16?


      This has never been the case in the past so I am a bit perplexed why this is occurring. I can control the image sizes and such with the export settings, but this has me curious as to what may have happened.


      Any ideas?