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    Photoshop 2017 has stopped working: Error when opening jpgs

    CMYK123 Level 1

      I updated to Photoshop 2018 three days ago and couldn't get it to work, it crashed upon opening, so I uninstalled and went back to Photoshop 2017, which up until that time, was working perfectly. Now when I open 2017 I get a message about display graphics not working, and if I try to open any jpg, it freezes and I get the message Photoshop has stopped working. However, it will open png and psd files, just not jpgs. I can't open jpgs using File>Open or by double clicking on a jpg.


      I have googled and tried every plausible solution I can find: I don't have Lavasoft files on my computer, I put a tilde next to the spaces folder, I studied the crash report, etc. etc. I am out of options and our IT department is unable to help. I am out of options. I really need Adobe tech support at this point, and I can't find the phone number anywhere on the site. A good portion of my job involves Photoshop and I'm unable to use it at all, and got behind on my work trying to find a solution.


      Can anyone help? Either with suggestions or by supplying a phone number for tech support? Thanks!