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    Photoshop CC performance issue with many smart objects


      Hi there,


      I got some performance issues in Photoshop when using many smart objects.

      Due to our workflow sometimes we have about 600 smart objects in a file.

      The smart objects are all small (100x100 Pixel).

      Photoshop sometimes works fine and sometimes is almost frozen.

      I checked Taskmanager and it shows me 10 % CPU, 60 % RAM and the rest is 0%.

      The Photoshop seetings allows Photoshop to have much more RAM.


      I know that it's many smart objects but is there a way to optimize it?

      I could not even upgrade the hardware since I don't know the problem.


      This happens in all Photoshop versions.


      OS: Windows 10

      Photoshop CC 2018