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    Solved Problem: Printing from PSE 2018, Canon Pro-100 and iMac "High Sierra"


      I was having a problem using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 to print on a Canon Pixma Pro-100 from my Apple iMac “High Sierra” version 10.13.2. The main issue was that the printing dialog options were extremely limited and quite poor. I had posted this problem on the Forum a while back but could not get an answer that worked.  (The main problem, I think, is that each person is using a different combination (and versions) of PS or PSE plus different printers (with different drivers), plus different Macs (with different software versions).


      I got help back from Canon support within 30 minutes. The solution was simply a matter of downloading the newest version of Canon Print Studio Pro and using it as an add-on to Photoshop Elements to enable the print dialog.  This new one is even better and simpler that my previous dialog.  I do not understand why Adobe did not call my attention to this when I traded up to PSE 2018.  Indeed, they didn't even point this out when I tried to get their help desk.  (Their approach is to redirect help-seekers back to this community forum.)  A new problem I encountered, however, with the Canon Pixma Pro 100 + Print Studio Pro system is that after I have printed a photo, my iMac locks and I have to do a "Force Quit" to close down my computer. Then I need to start up again from scratch to print another photo.