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    Flex Automated testing w/out QTP

    tafkaks Level 1
      We have a flex application in-house that is fairly complex (in that it has a number of variants), and we'd like to automate testing. The problem is that the flex code does not run in a browser or stand-alone. Instead, we load the flash OCX directly into a custom Ole control site. We then use the flex code as the UI for our main application -- kind of like a thin version of AIR. The main app does the heavy lifting, and talks to the flex UI via ExternalInterface.

      So far, so good -- the app works well and has a sweet user interface.

      Unfortunately, this seems to preclude the use of QTP for automated testing, as it requires that the flex code be running in a browser. I've looked at TestComplete as well, but it uses the IAccessible interface, which seems like it's going to be pretty limited.

      I'm pretty sure the answer is "you're SOL", but does anyone know of any alternatives to using QTP for automated testing (or perhaps a way to make QTP work with the hosted OCX?)

      Thanx -- Michael Owings