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    Having trouble with result not changing if another number is added into the equation....


      Hello Friends,


      Thank you in advance for helping me learn Javascript!  If anyone has any advice on my current issue that would be fantastic.  I hope I can explain this so it's understandable.  Here are the scenarios:


      Cell D = L16

      Cell E = L17

      Cell F = L18

      Cell H = L20

      Cell I = L21

      Cell J = L22


      Example:  If $10,000 is entered in Cell D, $250 is entered in Cell E, $250 is entered in Cell F, I've written script that limits the entry into Cell F to 1.5%.  Cell J will automatically be $10,000.  Here is my script which works!  The result is $150.


      var a = this.getField("L22").value;

      if (event.value > a * .015)event.value=(event.value = a * .015);

      else event.value;


      if (event.value) event.value = util.printf("%.4f", event.value);


      The issue happens when I enter an amount into Cell H (example $5,000).  It is supposed to reduce Cell J.  So, the original amount of $10,000 will reduce by $5,000 with a new result of $5,000.  Cell F should reduce down to $75.00.  The problem is it doesn't reduce.  It stays at $150.  If I go back to Cell F and enter $250 again then it calculates down to $75.  I am stumped how to write so it changes if a number is entered into Cell H and/or Cell I.