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    Flex Builder: how to compile various AS3 apps in one AS3 project all with custom compiler options?

    bvl Level 1
      I am new to Flex Builder 3 and need to find out how I can setup a Actionscript project that will be using several Actionscript modules/applications. I need to make sure that the module swf files don't get any off the classes linked in that are already in the main AS3 app and visa versa. So I need to compile the various apps with different options.

      In Flex Builder so far I could only find an option to set the compile options for the complete project which is not very helfull ;-) Isn't there a way to tell Flex Builder to use AS3 application specific compile options?

      I read about the local configuration files but Flex Builder doesn't seem to be using these in a test I did ( test.as + test-config.xml). Aren't local configuration files supposed to work with actionscript applictions or need I to set something somewhere to enable the use of local config files?