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    Adaptive Wide Angle Filter - Preview is Different Than Result


      Adaptive Wide Angle Preview - Before.pngAdaptive Wide Angle Applied - After.png

      I am having trouble with the Adaptive Wide Angle Filter.  I have photo merged images taken from a single point, consolidated it as a smart object, then moved into the Adaptive Wide Angle Filter screen.  When I apply my constraints, it looks excellent in the preview mode.  Once I APPLY the filter and move back to the main Photoshop screen, the filter has not applied the constraints as I needed.


      I have tried this on multiple images, and it does the exact same thing.


      Does anyone have any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?  It MUST be me, as I know the Adobe products are excellent.  I have restarted the programs, my computer, installed up-to-date drivers for my display, etc.