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    After Effects 2018 /Win10, 64x properties display condensed

    Drumvisio Level 1


      windows 10 GUI SCALE: 120 DPI.


      I would like to propose an feature request and will send it to adobe wish form but I'd like your thoughts on this feature

      it is also in the picture i've sent. I think about a tool that will reside in EVERY ADOBE APPLICATION in the HELP SECTION

      and that tool will be an Error Reporting Tool that can capture up to 30 seconds of low to medium video quality or still image like shown

      to send to adobe immediately with ALL THE INFORMATION UNDER THE HOOD LIKE

      Application version, Windows version, and all the necessary information that would be easier to BOTH PARTIES to INFORM ERRORS AND TO



      A TOOL THAT YOU ACCESS VIA MENU\HELP  that can capture still photo or 30 sec video to send to adobe directly, skipping all the typing and explainung

      one picture worth a thousand words...



      Do this adobe. for the sake of everyone.