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    Assigning download location for LR mobile images but there is NO "lightroom mobile" tab on preference


      Title says it all.

      I am using Windows 10 and Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 release Camera Raw 10.1

      I want to change the default folder to where the mobile images are downloaded ( username/Pictures/Lightroom/Mobil Download.lrdata )

      to a folder of my choice where my other images and catalog are .


      The instructions I find are simple: Open up Preferences and click on the "Lightroom Mobile" tab and will see where to set the Location.

      Problem is there is no "Lightroom Mobile" tab. The tabs I see, from l to r are - General, Presets, External Editing, File Handling, Interface, Performance, Lightroom Synch (where Lightroom Mobile should be), and Network.


      I have specified a location for Lightroom CC ecosystem's images.


      What need I do?


      thanks and excuse any noobie mistake