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    Problem importing header file


      The programmer gave me a header file called resource.hm (C++). Apparently, some of the MapID names are too long, so the text is wrapping up. Here an example:

      0x80ca4eea // IDD_DIALOG_FT_TONE
      #define HIDC_CHECK_FT_E2P_BRD_CFG_FT_CSP \
      0x80ca4eeb // IDD_DIALOG_FT_TONE

      As you can see the first entry is using a single line. The other two are too long, so the compiler is using two lines for each one.
      When I import this file in my project (Robohelp 7 HTML), Robohelp will exclude those Map ID's that are being displayed in two lines.
      Does someone know if there is a way to solve the problem? Of course, I can always try to "fix" the header file manually, but want to see if there is a more efficient solution.

      Thanks in advance.