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    Round-tripping from Lightroom to Photoshop and back



      I have tried to find an answer to this problem some time ago and never got a solution, so I am trying again and re-posting the same question...


      When I go from Lightroom to Photoshop via Edit-In and then Save-Exit (or Save As-Exit) from Photoshop, the image is automatically stored in the correct LR folder and LR catalog updated accordingly.

      However when I open multiple images from Lightroom in Photoshop (againthrough Edit In) either as a Copy or Open as Layers, then process the images in Photoshop, complete with Merge Visible, Flatten and Save (or Save As), Photoshop, rather than automatically return to Lightroom with updated catalog,  comes-up with a dialog on where to save the image on the hard disk (which then needs to be imported into LR) and LR catalog is not updated.

      Somehow the "link" between LR and PS is broken.


      Is there a way to make LR and PS work consistently on multiple images in the same manner, ie returning automatically the PS'ed imaged to LR catalog?

      Both PS and LR are the latest CC versions, under Windows 10.


      thank you for advice