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    Sync counter stuck with 28000 pics. how to clear queue?


      I hope someone can help me.    I have a large library of 161,000 photos.    I wanted nearly all of them synced with mobile.   I know it will take forever to upload, but in general I am patient.  However, it has been stuck "syncing 28,500 photos" for weeks.    When I add new photos that absolutely must sync, I think it needs to get through the first 28,500 photos.  

      I have unselected all collections except the last one for syncing.   However, Those photos are still not syncing and the queue is still at 28500.  Sometimes the counter goes up some, sometimes it goes down some, but it never seems to make any progress.


      Is there a way that I can clear the queue of uploads and downloads?     I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software, but it still goes back to the uploading of and downloading of pics.   Edit/Preferences/lightroom sync shows 28,918 uploading and 1010 downloading.    How do I clear this so that I can prioritize the upload and download photos?