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    Suggestion: Fav creator list

      I realize that now and then I like to check certain Kuler members' Themes. Problem is that I don't always recall folks' names, so this is a 'hit or miss' process.

      My suggestion: In MyKuler, add to Themes and Favorites a category of Fav_Creators: this list would be the Kuler member names I'd like to keep track of. I would click on a name, and be taken to the member Themes (just like if I clicked on a member's Avatar now, which takes me to their Themes).

      I think that others do much as I do (ie, follow certain members, to see what Themes they are developing). Perhaps if your *to do* list ever gets short, you might add this idea to it.
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Yes, there are definitely kuler creators with followers! Favorite creators is a great idea. In the meantime, there are a few ways to see what your favorite creators are doing:
          - The easiest: if you save one of their themes as a Favorite, you can click on the avatar and it will show their themes, with newest first.
          - If you have Illustrator CS3 (English version), you can use the kuler panel (Windows>Adobe Labs>kuler) to create a custom RSS feed for that creator.
          - If you have a developer bent, you can also use the kuler APIs to get a creator feed.
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            Sami- Thanks for quick reply. I had a further 'wish list' idea re this Fav_Creator thing:

            In a 'social networking' sort of way, it would also be interesting to see (if a member permitted it) the Creators that the particular member is following. If I have Favorite Creator John (*not his real name...*), I could find other interesting designers by viewing his 'Fav Creator' list.

            I tell you, this theoretical programming is a snap!