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    Question about RESPONSIVE sites -


      4 years ago I made a great website on Adobe Muse - over 1gb w/ all the pics and numerous pages.


      I was then informed by our Google Overlords that all websites need to be responsive and mobile... But the Adobe Muse software (at that time) required that I make 3 sites...  Mobile, Tablet and PC.


      There was NO WAY that I was going to redesign my new website into 3 seperate websites - that would have taken way too long (plus I was burnt-out from making the first website).


      Now that I've finished a ton of projects (and even written a book) since then, I'm ready to tackle the responsive / mobile Muse website, but noticed the requirement of making 3 seperate websites is gone (Mobile, Tablet, PC).  Is this correct? So all I have to do now is create 1 website - and then make breakpoints for the 3 seperate viewing options?  IS THIS CORRECT?  Plz tell me this is correct - 1 website... 3 breakpoints.


      Thanks everyone!